Dominican Volunteers USA searches for new frontiers for the faith by inviting men and women to walk with them in mission as volunteers. Through the program, lay men and women to volunteer for a 10-12 month in mission while living in intentional Dominican community. Together, they respond to the needs of our sisters and brothers, especially those who are poor and marginalized. They live out the Dominican mission of proclaiming the gospel through our ministry, common life, prayer and study within a diverse, intergenerational community.
Dominican Volunteers USA's logo is a nod to the traditional shield of the Order of Preachers. The black shield has a white triangle "expelling" the darkness. The torch in DVUSA's logo represents VERITAS or the search for truth in all things the volunteers and Dominicans do.
Having been a Dominican Volunteer myself for two years, I know first hand what this search for truth is like. I was happy to be able to work with DVUSA on updating their logo and marketing materials. The original files for the logo had been lost ver the years and the logo being used was an auto traced turn JPEG that just didn't work for their needs.
Working with DVUSA staff it was decided to clean/update the logo as well as create some different variations of the logo. The shield was rounded and the white interior was given shaper edges. The word-mark was reduced in size and appropriate kerning and leading was applied. 
An updated brochure based on staff's preferred design was created for use in 2019.

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